Hello, I'm Mavis Moon. I write this blog to reflect on what I read and do. I enjoy looking back and remembering. I hope that some of what I write gives you joy, too. If you'd like to sign up for the "email of God's love" that I send each week (usually), fill in the "get an email when I post" box on the right. God bless you!

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We must enter the Kingdom of God through much sorrow. A reflection, choral singing, and translation of the Bach cantata "Wir müssen durch viel Trübsal in das Reich Gottes eingehen." Take about a half hour to worship and reflect.

Optimistic? How can we be optimistic with all that is happening right now?

Mother Holding the contours of our loss.
The tree says... What do you imagine God's creations are saying?
Help (Heart & Mind)  After the death of George Floyd, words of help from the Psalms.
Into Three Pines by Mavis Moon (Poetry) I tried writing a "lyric poem."

Imagination (Heart & Mind)  It's amazing to me that this ethereal thing, our imagination, produces, seemingly independent of our own will, new stories, characters, images, and more. Imagine God's imagination! I can't even.

Désolé (Heart & Mind)  The French word for "sorry."

Drawings by Children by Lisel Mueller (Poetry) Poem accompanied by pictures drawn by my granddaughters.
Incline your ear (Heart & Mind) Does it feel like no one is listening? Do you feel alone? God inclines his ear to hear your every word.

in one page. It's so real it's scary.

A Hen (Heart & Mind - Email of God's Love) Jesus compares Herod to a fox and God to a hen -- and it helps.
Help in the time of Coronavirus (Links) Some things I've read or listened to that helped me when thinking of the coronavirus pandemic -- beyond information and instructions. Send me yours!

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