Hello, I'm Mavis Moon. I write this blog to reflect on what I read and do. I enjoy looking back and remembering. I hope that some of what I write gives you joy, too. If you'd like to sign up for the "email of God's love" that I send each week (usually), fill in the "get an email when I post" box on the right. God bless you!

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Recent Posts

 Désolé The French word for "sorry."

Drawings by Children by Lisel Mueller Poem accompanied by pictures drawn by my granddaughters.
Incline your ear (Heart & Mind) Does it feel like no one is listening? Do you feel alone? God inclines his ear to hear your every word.

in one page. It's so real it's scary.

A Hen (Heart & Mind - Email of God's Love) Jesus compares Herod to a fox and God to a hen -- and it helps.
Help in the time of Coronavirus (Links) Some things I've read or listened to that helped me when thinking of the coronavirus pandemic -- beyond information and instructions. Send me yours!
Earthlings (Heart & Mind - Email of God's Love) The characters in Star Trek were either Earthlings or citizens of another planet -- Vulcans or Klingons or others --, not Americans, Italians, Iraqis, Russians, whatever -- just humans from Earth. We Earthlings are all susceptible to Covid-19, regardless of what country, city, or place we are citizens of.

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