Saturday, March 7, 2020

Love & donuts

Saturday morning means donuts for breakfast in our household. We usually walk across the street to the neighborhood donut store. Nearly every time we do this, we see a man and his son walking to the same place. His son is apparently mentally challenged. He walks in an ungainly way, flails his arms, and often sings or yells loudly. He’s usually carrying a little American flag. I noticed last week that he and his father were both wearing a red sweatshirt. The sweetest thing is that he tucks his hand into his dad’s elbow and they walk along that way, arm-in-arm, side-by-side.

We have seen this dad and son walking to the same corner stores we do for years and years. The father’s hair used to be jet black and is now gray. The son grew from a toddler, his height barely above his dad’s knees, to now being a big boy a few inches taller than his dad.

I imagine what it must be like to be this boy’s parents. It must have broken their hearts to learn that their son was challenged in this way, that he would not be “normal,” as we think of it. I am sure they love their son and care for him with love. His joy every time we see him is evidence of that. Now as the parents are aging I can only imagine they sometimes wonder how their son will be cared for after they are gone. I hope they have figured out a plan for that. 

The overwhelming thought I have when I see this father and son, though, in their matching red sweatshirts, the son jubilantly waving his flag and singing, is the father’s faithfulness. Week after week he accompanies his son. He gives his son a sweet treat -- the donut -- every time. He lets his son express his joy in the way that best suits his son, regardless of how awkward it might seem to others. He gently guides his son across the street, keeping him safe. It is a model of God’s love and faithfulness to us. He tucks our hand in the crook of his arm and walks step-by-step beside us, never failing.

Praise God for his faithfulness..

What can I pray about for you?

love and blessings,



What is this?? A while back, I had an idea. I was thinking of some friends I wanted to pray for, but I didn't have a specific thing to pray about on their behalf. I decided to pray that they would feel God's love. I decided to send them an email when I prayed, so they'd know and be encouraged. Then I thought about my many other family and friends who I would like to encourage with prayer, and decided to start sending an email.
    Two things I try to do:
-- Encourage you with a reminder of God's love. My goal is to avoid anything where the response is "I should..." Just a short reflection of God's love.
-- Pray for you. I'll pray with each email, and please reply to me with anything you'd specifically like me to pray for you. I'll keep it confidential, don't worry..
.     If you would like to send me specific prayer requests. I will gladly pray with you. Email me at mavis at I'll keep all communication confidential.

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