Thursday, July 4, 2019

Trust on the road

I can relate to this article, "Driven."
Speaking of dividers, another trite but horrifying observation: lanes are painted. Not veering off into an oncoming car is just a social contract.
That often occurs to me, too, as I turn my wheel in a steep curve, with cars coming toward me in the other lane. We trust each other not to go over the line and onto each others' side of the road. It's kind of amazing.

We trust each other about that, but so little about anything else.

Curves in roads or trails also remind me of the cover of my life story book. Several years ago, our pastor led us in a program where each of us thought about, talked about, and shared the stories of our lives, especially our faith journey. As a part of that, we each drew or painted a small canvas depicting the cover of our life story book. Mine was a curved path, with a cross and a ball of light around the corner. I wanted it to show we never know what is coming around the corner, but we always know that Jesus will be with us. Another kind of trust.

from The Smart Local, image credit: @adriansim88

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