Saturday, April 20, 2019


God loves you 100%.

A friend of mine told me this story about her daughter Jessica*, at about 5 years of age: Jessica had a wonderful time playing with her cousin on a visit to their home. Her cousin Matthew,* a bit younger, had a great time, too. So great that when Jessica was leaving, Matthew could not handle the sadness he felt at her going. He hid. Jessica wanted to say good bye and looked all over for Matthew, but could not find him. Finally, at the door as they left, Jessica turned around and shouted into the house, "Matthew! Wherever you are, I love you 100%!"

(*names changed)

“I love you 100%!” Isn’t that great? Lately, I’ve used the term “100%” several times, telling someone I am behind him 100%, and another time that I support something 100%. It brought this story to mind. God loves us 100%.

When I mess up, when I say or do hurtful things, I talk to God about it, I know he forgives me, and like Jessica, he tells me, “Mavis, I love you 100%!” When I doubt and question my faith, I might not feel my doubt is resolved, but I know God is saying, “I love you 100%.” When things are happening that seem evil or not in line with what I think should be God’s plan, I hardly ever figure out why these things are happening, but God says, “I love you 100%.” On that I can rely.

And so can you.

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