Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ask and it shall be given, and some of my favorite people.

I like this article/meditation not only for what it says, but it also mentions some of my favorite people, Father Greg Boyle, SJ, and Wendell Berry. (Augustine's great, too, but I don't "know" him as well.)

The verse (ask and it will be given you and so on) always reminds me of the song based on that verse, "Seek Ye First," I have many good memories of singing that with old friends and family. 

First memory: There was a cute, precocious little girl in my church who loved this song. She picked it whenever we asked for favorites. I loved watching her joyfully sing.

Second memory: We were visiting my husband's family in Fremont, MI, and went to church with them. They sang this song and on the last verse I sang the descant (I think this is the only song where I can do that). My niece, around 7 or 8 at the time, told her mom, "Aunt Mavis is singing different words!" :)

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