Tuesday, January 1, 2019


When you feel unloved,
Like a bro, may Jesus’ arm come around your shoulder
and his hand grasp the top of your arm as he pulls you close.
May his squeeze fill your heart
And your mind with the surety that Jesus loves you.
He is your brother.

When you feel unworthy,
Like Mr. Rogers, may Jesus tell you he loves you just the way you are
and he’s glad you’re in his neighborhood.
May his words ring true in your ears
And may you believe that he loves the unique you.
He is your friend. 

When you wonder if God even exists,
Like a loving nemesis, may Jesus come beside you
and his steps keep time with yours.
May his presence be in and all around you
And your doubt be there but not matter.
He is your silent partner.

When you’re too busy to even think about anything to do with God or the meaning of life,
Like a philosopher, may Jesus think for you
and make purpose and meaning happen anyway.
May you one day look back and see the good
That God made while you were unaware.
He is your life coach.

May God’s love fill you
like a bank of clouds fills the sky,
like mountains fill the horizon,
like sunshine fills the landscape,
like Mom’s hug fills your soul.

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