Saturday, October 13, 2018

God's Peace

May you feel the “peace that passeth understanding way down in the depths of your heart.”

When you were a kid, did you sing the song this line comes from? It was a popular song while I was growing up, “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart.” We thought it was fun to say “way down in the depths,” not just “down in my heart.”

The peace that passeth understanding is what I wish for you. Knowing God loves you, really knowing it, gives you that kind of peace. I appreciate the phrase “that passeth understanding.” How true is that? With so much going on in our lives, in the lives of those we love, in our nation and world, there often seems little reason to feel at peace. The peace we feel because God loves us often does not make any sense, it does defy understanding.

I feel that peace when I imagine myself in the presence of God. I almost always start my personal prayers by getting into the presence of God, as taught in the Jesuit tradition (and others). I close my eyes and imagine my “go-to” scene -- myself as Moses standing in front of the burning bush. I imagine myself standing on the dirt of a desert land, my shoes off because it’s holy ground, looking at a bush that’s burning but not burning up. I use my five senses to make it more real. I feel the scruffy dirt under my feet and between my toes, the warm breeze against my skin, my hair lightly blowing back, the heat of the sun on my face and head, the warmth emanating from the fire. I see the branches of the bush, dark because they’re burning, but not turning into ash; the flames orange, yellow, and red, flickering around; a rocky hill behind the bush. I hear the crackle of the fire, God’s voice saying “I am.” I smell and even kind of taste the smoke. I gaze into the fire as I would a fireplace, and I feel that peace entering my heart. Even in my body I feel it. My shoulders un-hunch, my neck muscles spread out and lose their tension, my eyebrows relax, my lips fall into repose, my teeth unclench. I breathe in and out slowly.

May you feel and know God’s peace.

What can I pray for you?

love and blessings,


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