Saturday, September 15, 2018

Jesus has all the feels

Jesus loves you so much, he cries when you cry. He has “all the feels” you do.

We all know the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). He cried when his friend Lazarus’ sisters brought him to Lazarus’ tomb. His friend had died, his friend’s sisters were mourning, and Jesus cried. In another verse (Luke 19:41), Jesus wept over Jerusalem as he thought about the days to come, when Jerusalem would be conquered by her enemies, when God’s beloved people would suffer and die.

Sometimes I’m sad because I’m grieving a loss, like Jesus did for his friend Lazarus. Sometimes I’m sad about a situation with my loved ones, or a hopeless feeling about the resolution of some problems, or sometimes I’m not even sure why I’m sad. It gives me comfort to imagine Jesus’ eyes welling up with tears, knowing he understands and loves me so much that he feels sad when I am sad.

Why does someone else crying with you make you feel comforted? Kind of weird isn’t it? But I know it does. I think it’s because it shows that that person cares so much about you that it makes him or her sad just knowing you are sad. Even if they don’t cry, in whatever way they show their feelings, it is a comfort -- the touch of a hand, a hug, a concerned look, an arm around your shoulder, a kiss, saying, “Awww.”

While I was going to college, I stayed in Lynden, WA, for the summer, where many people in my family live. I sat at the kitchen table with my grandma the day I was leaving, waiting for my cousins to arrive, with whom I was catching a ride back to college. My grandma started crying because it made her so sad we were all leaving. And then I started crying, too. There we sat, both in tears. Sad, but also comforted. Sad, but also knowing how much we each loved the other.

The love of Jesus is even greater than we can experience or imagine.

What can I pray for you?
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