Sunday, July 15, 2018

Email God's love

Today I started a new thing. Here's what I mailed to a bunch of my friends and family.


Today in church I had an idea. I was thinking of some friends I want to pray for, but I don't have a specific thing to pray about on their behalf. I decided to pray that they would feel God's love.

Then I thought I'd send them an email when I prayed, so they'd know and be encouraged.

I started thinking about my many other family and friends who I would like to encourage with prayer, and decided to start this email.

Two things I'll try to do:
  1. Encourage you with a reminder of God's love. My goal is to avoid anything where the response is "I should..." Just a short reflection of God's love.
  2. Pray for you. I'll pray with each email, and please reply to me with anything you'd specifically like me to pray for you. I'll keep it confidential, don't worry..
You can opt out any time, no hurt feelings, no need for explanation, no worries. Just reply with a subject like "Unsubscribe" or "Opt out" or "No thanks" or whatever.

I'll try to give a quick overview sentence on the first line, so if that's all you want to read, you're good. I'll send the first one in a bit. I also plan to post these on my blog.

I'll try to send a few a week, but at least one a week. We'll see how this goes.

love and blessings,


Mavis Moon

c: 408 318 2037
h: 408 268 1792
w: 408 432 5658

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