Sunday, November 26, 2017

Poetry & Tears at 3 in the morning

Sometimes at 3 in the morning I wake up and start reading. That happened last night (this morning) and I started reading poetry and articles from the Poetry initiative on the "On Being" site. I posted links on Facebook and below.

Some of the reading I did made me cry. I wrote this about that.
I've always been a cryer.

Tears hang out right here
in the bags of my eyes.
When emotion comes,
tears jump out of the pool. 
Here they are, tears.
Here they come, tears.
Here again, tears.
Here with smiles, tears.
Here with heart, tears.
Then on the opposing page I tried to draw them. That didn’t go so well, as you can see. I decided the head has to be the fat part of the teardrop, so that would come out first and sit poised on the lid, then they had to go headfirst.

I wrote:
Sometimes I picture them, these chubby little tear-people. Climbing out from my bag pools, over the eds of my eyelids. Peeking their heads over. Pushing their arms on my bottom lid. Pausing a second. Then plunging head first down my face.
That is the silliness that happens in my mind at 3 in the morning.

Poetry links.

The Fish: A Story of Love and Letting Go

Perfection Will Do You In

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Should I have?

The other day, in a non-church/religious setting, a bunch of people, including myself, were lined up for a buffet meal, unsure when we should start getting food. Someone said, "Should we pray?" and that was followed by guffaws of laughter. How absurd, right?

Every so often I wonder, should I have offered to do just that -- pray? Praying before we all ate sure seemed like a good idea to me. I'm not usually fearful anymore of talking about being a woman of faith. I'm open about it when something relevant comes up. I try to be matter of fact about it and I haven't felt embarrassed or looked down upon when I do say something. There have even been times people came and asked me about my beliefs.

In the moment this suggestion of prayer happened, my thinking was that it would be awkward if I said I would pray, and might make the person who asked and those who laughed feel uncomfortable. I can still think that and find it true. But, still, sometimes, I wonder.