Monday, September 11, 2017

Northwest Road Trip - September, 2017 - #8

Yesterday we left our lovely cabin by the river and began our trip to Lynden. We decided the day before that we'd go to Deception Pass on the way. To get there, we took a ferry from Port Townsend to Coupeville, which is on Whidbey Island. It was a great little side trip. The weather was clear, sunny, and beautiful. We enjoyed the little ferry ride, and Whidbey Island is very pretty.

I know I've been there before but I don't remember much from it. Oak Harbor has a Navy base and we stopped there years ago when Uncle Matt was stationed there. All I remember is the name, and seeing Dad talking to Uncle Matt.

I'm curious about the history of the island. There must have been some significant number of Dutch settlers there. We saw several Dutch names such as Zylstra Road and Bowman Bay, also a Holland Inn that had a windmill. I'll have to do some research. When I talked about it with Jan and Kathy, Jan said Dad had thought his family might have lived on Whidbey Island for a little bit, before going to Lynden.

Deception Pass was a beautiful bridge, connecting some islands. The plaque there said the bridge was built by the Civilian Conservation Corp, the people that FDR's "New Deal" gave work to during the Great Depression.

After crossing the bridge, we got back on Highway 5, our familiar route to Lynden. The family was celebrating Kyle's birthday at Heather's house so we went there. It was good, as always, to see the family. We spent the afternoon working on a puzzle and coloring.

Of course, coming to Lynden brings up many memories of Mom and Dad and all my extended family. I have so many good memories of times in Lynden, all the way from coming as a kid and staying at the farm, to bringing my own children to the Northwest Washington Fair, my brother Dan's death, and then this year, coming for the deaths of my mom and dad.

Today we're just hanging out in Lynden. This is a short visit, leaving already on Wednesday. It is always good to be in Lynden. Even after all these years, it still feels like home.

View from the parking lot in Port Townsend.
More from the parking lot, waiting for the ferry.

We were sorry we didn't get to explore Port Townsend - we'll have to come back!

Lots of other boats near the ferry terminal.

The ferry.
On the ferry, and some views from it.

On display in Oak Harbor. We saw -- and heard! -- several jets flying over, but never caught them on camera.
Whidbey Island is quite pastoral.
Caught some jet streams anyway. :)
Deception Pass bridge through the trees.
And from underneath.
Views from the bridge.

Mt. Baker was looking pretty good!

Teacups are my downfall. Loved this one with cornflowers.
Memories of "Room With a View" scenes.

Front Street in bloom.

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