Friday, September 8, 2017

Northwest Road Trip - September 2017 - #5

Today was a quiet day. It started raining last night and kept up through the morning. I'm so glad to see rain for the sake of clearing the air and it sure would be nice if it rained where the fires are raging. By late morning it had stopped and we actually saw some blue sky and sun!

We spent the morning walking around downtown Port Angeles. Specifically, I went to two bookstores there. Two independent bookstores within a block of each other - an abundance of riches!! I chose 4 books in the Fiction section of the first one before I even got through the letter "B" (alphabetical by author, you know). I made myself stop looking then.

At the other store, there were lots of games, toys, and cards. I bought a calendar there with art that I've seen now in several places at the park. It's very cool. I looked for a t-shirt with it, but the only one I saw was -- of course -- only available in Small. Story of  my life! Anyway, the calendar will remind me of this trip, which will be fun. And I discovered it even has several pages to color - bonus!

Randy did some more fishing and I sat out on the balcony and read for several hours. Our favorite way to spend vacations. :)

Cool spot downtown. Look at those huge flower planters!

Bookstore! Eureka!
Cute chair in the bookstore window. Creative, but, oh, cutting up those books! It hurts my heart.
We see lots of evidence of political leanings.
I circled the two fish Randy pointed out to me in the creek. He caught small ones again, but none of these bigger ones. He said he still had a good time.
Look, the sun, and it's not orange!
And blue sky!
Some of the art from the calendar I bought. The artist is Sue Coccia.

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