Monday, September 4, 2017

Northwest Road Trip - September, 2017 - #2

Last night, our last night at Deane's Lodge, we went out to the beach and saw the moon and stars. It was beautiful.

We woke up early to get on the road to Olympic National Park. Once again, I took several photos from the car. It was quite a pretty drive.

When we take Highway 5, I always notice the funny names when we get to Washington, like Puyallup and Walla Walla. This time, coming up Highway 101, I noticed some other names. Some were kind of depressing, like Dismal Niche and Cape Disappointment. Other ones had to do with the recreational marijuana that is legal in Washington: Cannibas Emporium and Pipe Dream Dispensary. Plus just the weird ones: Humptulips River and Wilapa. Humptulips?!

Crossed a big bridge over the Columbia River that was very pretty.
There were quite a few boats and they were speeding around.
Pretty country.
Cows in Tillamook!
I've always liked pretty, traditional churches.
One of the funny names.
Passed a few places that were clear cut.
We needed to stretch our legs and took a turn-off that turned out to be Wilapa Wildlife Refuge. It was kind of weird but fun to see.

As we approached Aberdeen, the hotel manager from Deane's Lodge called. She said we left a day early.. What? Yep, I made a mistake. We were supposed to stay one more night. The woman who called said that if she booked the room she would credit me the money. I got an email tonight that she was able to book it so that is nice.

I googled and checked Trip Advisor for hotels near Aberdeen and I found Canterbury Inn at Ocean Shores. The price was decent and we have an ocean view. The ocean is quite a ways out, down a path, but we can see a glimpse of it and hear it. So all's well that ends well. Now we're only around 2-1/2 hours away from Olympic National Park so it kind of gives us an extra day at the park. Serendipity happens.

Looking back at our hotel from the path to the beach.
There were several people flying kites at the beach.

Trying to get a decent selfie.

Part of the path
Part of the path was like a tunnel through trees & bushes.
There were deer looking for food handouts at the hotel!

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