Monday, September 11, 2017

Northwest Road Trip - September, 2017 - #7 - Muddy Waters

A drive-through coffee shop, why should it make me cry? Muddy Waters -- cute name, huh? -- is a drive-though coffee place near where my mom and dad used to live, in Lynden, WA, where Randy and I arrived yesterday. During my visits to my folks, I would often get up a little earlier than others and get my dad a latte there, with one package of raw sugar. Mom liked mochas and I'd get her one of those until they were too hard on her stomach and she switched to tea. My sister went there way more than I ever did, often to pick up the coffee drinks for my mom and dad which were a regular Christmas gift from all of us siblings.

So that's why I cried when I went to Muddy Waters today.

I miss them. In recent visits, we had to go to Meadow Greens, the retirement center where they lived, and most recently to the Christian Health Center. That wasn't as nice -- gezellig -- as visits when they were still at home. But I miss talking to them. I wish I could show them our videos of Violet, and Lydia, and Delaney. They'd love those. I just wish I could spend time with them again.

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