Saturday, June 3, 2017

Present Over Perfect, a study with Shauna Niequist

On Facebook, I saw a link to a free study called "Present Over Perfect" given by Shauna Niequist. Since I am familiar with some of her writing and I like it, I checked it out. I signed up and downloaded the material it had. Now I receive weekly emails for the study that contain a link to a video Shauna created for each week.

I listened the first two weeks and liked it all right, but I started thinking maybe it wasn't such a good fit for me. Shauna was talking about her realization that she was trying to do too much, and feeling as if she was not doing everything good enough, not measuring up. I have been feeling like I'm already on that journey, and already learning different ways to "be still and know" that he is God.

I missed the third week's video (it'll be offered as make-up after June 11), but just watched Week 4. Guess what she talked about? Spiritual practices. Even more specifically Jesuit spiritual practices. The very thing I'm fascinated with and trying to learn more about. Maybe it's a good fit after all.

Shauna said that her husband Aaron was reading a lot about ancient, contemplative practices and decided to start a group of people who wanted to learn about those, and practice them together, learning to live a contemplative life. She said their church thought that was a great idea and asked him to do that within the church.

That's an intriguing idea. I'd like to find out what he did and does. Shauna talks about having speakers, especially a Jesuit priest but also a rabbi and others. She then went on to describe several spiritual practices she has learned and is practicing, and how they have changed her. I found myself kind of chuckling and nodding. Yep, me, too.

So I'll keep listening and thinking and praying about this.

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