Saturday, February 21, 2015

Whining, or Whinging, as the British might say

The whine: Every time I get a little overheated, I break out in an itchy rash. Even a fairly short walk on the bike path today, a breezy Spring afternoon, caused the rash. Here's a photo of the rash on my arm. It comes up all over - my chest, stomach, back, I think even my scalp, because that itches, too.

It goes away after about a half hour of cooling off, or when I take a shower. But in the meantime. it's misery.

So, I know this pales in comparison to many, many problems. But what a bother.

Now, on to counting my blessings. On this walk I saw many wonderful signs of spring. Green grass, blue skies, buds all over, poppies, birds, bright yellow mustard on the hills, dappled sun on the creek. There were also little boys and girls on the backs of their parents, or their parent's bikes, or riding their own bikes.

I suppose not too long from now the green will be dried up and brown, and the water will be gone, but it is lovely to enjoy for now.

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