Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let us sing praise to Normal!


I often wake up with a song stuck in my head. It varies from hymns to pop music to old children's ditties to commercial jingles, who knows? Today, no song, but almost like a chant, "Normal. Normal. Normal."

I began a distressing stomach virus in the wee hours of Saturday morning. My husband got it, too, starting Monday morning. Although I started recovering by Sunday, and even went back to work Monday, I did not wake up feeling normal until this morning. My stomach feels NORMAL. My level of energy is NORMAL. My appetite is NORMAL. My interest in the world around me is NORMAL. How glorious, how marvelous is normal! May our lives be filled with many blessedly normal days.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eggs and Toast Like Bread and Wine

I listened today to a podcast of Carrie Newcomer being interviewed by Krista Tippet on "On Being." In one of her songs, "Betty's Diner," there's a line I love, "eggs and toast like bread and wine." It's in the chorus:
Here we are all in one place
The wants and wounds of the human race
Despair and hope sit face to face
When you come in from the cold
Let her fill your cup with something kind
Eggs and toast like bread and wine
She’s heard it all so she don’t mind
Back in the days of discussions and arguments in church circles about women in office, I had a dream that stuck with me. In the dream I was serving dinner at my home to a bunch of church friends and I said (well, yelled) at one man, "Don't you know that every time I serve food to you, I'm serving communion?!"

I was thinking we should call our potlucks "Holy Potlucks." What do you think? I've been kind of fascinated lately by the idea of eating together being holy. It keeps coming up. I wrote about Richard Mouw talking about the family meal in his book about Abraham Kuyper, as one way to prepare children for citizenship. It came up the other day in a meeting when someone said that he felt that sharing food was a good way to build community. The need to sit and eat together seems to come up fairly often now.

Good food for thought. Har har.