Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sing a New Song

We're visiting Delaney, Luke & Des (and Cori has joined us) for the Memorial Day weekend. I love how Delaney sings and hums as she's doing things. Just now she was sitting by me putting on her shoes, humming away. Yesterday in the car she and I were singing songs she knew and every once in a while she'd ask for one like, "Sing the Frog Song." I'd say, "I don't know that one, you sing it." And she'd sing something very softly. I couldn't hear what she was singing most times but I'd catch something like the word "ribbit" when she sang about frogs. She was just making them up as she went.

Here's a video of her singing while she picks up her blocks. In this case I heard some words but often she was just singing syllables. Very melodious. And I'm not at all biased.

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