Sunday, May 29, 2011

That's nice

Today at church we had a guest minister who is going to start a campus ministry at UC Berkeley. He preached on the story in Acts 5 where the apostles are put in jail, then an angel gets them out and they start preaching again. They are taken again and flogged but then released. The minister talked about being bold, and led by the Holy Spirit, to talk to others about Jesus.

I have been able now, for quite a few years, to talk pretty freely about the fact that I believe and that my faith motivates what I do. Even at work I think most people know that about me. I don't experience persecution. No one even mocks me or says anything disparaging about my faith. If it comes up, people tell me they like or admire that about me. Kind of like they're saying, "That's nice," and then they go on their merry way and I go on mine.

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