Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stressing out a tiny bit

So, I'm stressing out a bit. More than tiny. I've noticed how quickly I feel stress in my body these days. I feel my stomach tighten up and I hold my breath and my body gets sort of stiff. Sometimes I'll have that reaction for something that really does not deserve it, and then I sometimes have a hard time getting myself to relax. Is this yet another thing that happens as you get older? Sheesh.

Anyway, I'm stressing because I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. At work it's gotten really busy, more than it already was, which was actually more than enough. I'm working on a new project to potentially get us on a new program that I think will be great. So I'm enjoying the work and excited about what it could lead to. But it is a big thing and a lot to try to accomplish.

I've got lots of projects at work that have to do with Lotus Notes and I'm trying to get us out of Notes so I try not to spend too much time and effort in it. Yet people need what they're asking for. So there's that.

And I'm behind in some stuff at church, too, in particular the photo directory. Last week when I tried to work on it the computer was having problems (actually it turned out to be a power issue). This week after finishing the bulletin I thought I'd work on it but I was literally dozing off at the keyboard so I gave it up.

Plus I took on a new responsibility. The CRC Network asked me to be the "guide" for their Church & Web network. It's an honor and I'm truly looking forward to it. And it's adding to my stress level.

But, okay, enough. The thing is I like all the stuff that's causing my stress. So I need to get my thoughts straightened out in my head and figure out how to stop my body from doing what it's doing. And my brain, too, from going around in circles. I'll get there. I'll breathe. I'll read.

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