Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be Courageous and Strong

That was the name of Brad's sermon a couple weeks ago and I thought it was very timely for me because I was going to participate in a "360" meeting with several co-workers. It was a new process we were trying as part of our performance reviews. In the past we'd been asked to fill in a form asking "What would you like your co-worker to start doing? stop doing? keep doing?" Managers would ask their employees to answer that about themselves as managers and they would gather answers from their employees' peers.

Our company has teams composed of salespeople and those who support them. A couple managers started having the teams meet to talk about these things face-to-face rather than write them and have them told to them by their managers. The ones who talked face-to-face all said that it was much better, and helped to foster the ability to talk more easily together all the time. The management team decided we should practice what we preach and we formed groups to do it with each other.

The Sunday of this sermon was the day before I was due to meet with my group and I was nervous about it. I think sometimes I come off as pretty self-confident but inside I can be a mess. (This reminds me of my mom saying that my dad's family acts as if they're so "easy" but really they're a mess inside.) Anyway, the sermon helped me remember that God was with me and I had his strength to lean on.

How'd it turn out? Absolutely fine. The things people said to me were mostly very positive and just a few little comments about some things to consider. I actually came away feeling great. It was a confidence-booster in the end, not the buster I was afraid of. Praise God.

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