Friday, October 8, 2010


Today I am watching my sweet little granddaughter while her parents are at work (I'm visiting for the weekend). This morning I put a bunch of her baby dolls and stuffed animals under a blanket and told her they were going ni-night. She then spent quite a bit of time arranging them, herself and the blanket. Every so often she'd say, "Ni-night" or "Shhh" or "There you go."

It made me think of playing make-believe when I was little. The experts say pretending is very important to development. The earliest make-believe memory I have is a pretend playground. I think we were in our Seattle house, which would make me 4 or so. I'd imagine a playground around me, with swings and a slide and so on.

I "played house" sometimes with my friends, and did a little of that with dolls, although I don't remember playing a whole lot with dolls. Except Barbies. I spent hours and hours with friends playing with Barbies. I had a big tri-fold case that we'd stand on end to form a sort of house, we'd build things with shoeboxes, I had a Barbie car and a Barbie horse. One of my favorite Barbies was one with a plastic painted bun on her head and 3 wigs you could put on her. I also liked my Scooter and Skipper. Scooter had black hair in pigtails, and freckles. Skipper had beautiful stawberry blonde hair.

I don't remember it but my sister's told me I turned my Barbies over to her at some point, a sort of growing up milestone I guess.

What did you make-believe?

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