Thursday, October 14, 2010

good bye to kiddos

I watched "The Kids Are All Right" tonight. In it the moms (it's a lesbian couple) are facing the leaving of their oldest child, a daughter, for college. It made me think of when Cori left for college. I was so happy for her and I knew she'd be really happy at Calvin but I was SO sad to have her leave. I'm really blessed that my daughter is my friend and I knew how much I would miss her. I would tear up just thinking about it before she left, and when she did go, I was so very sad. My sister moved away in a close time frame to my daughter leaving for college and I felt like I lost my two best girlfriends. It was a tough time for me.

The movie also made me think of other times when I say good bye to my kids. Like when I said good bye to Luke, Des and Delaney after they surprised me with a visit on Labor Day Weekend. I knew I would miss them so much when they left.

It's hard to say good bye to your kids. Even when they're not kids any more. I have to remind myself, though, how God has blessed me and Randy with such good kids, and I also remind myself that having a daughter in San Diego and a son & his family in Phoenix isn't THAT far away. I know a family whose kids all live in Germany and other countries. So, there, it could be worse. For half the year all of us are even in the same time zone. What more could I ask, really?

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  1. Well, you could ask for more: having them next door, say. But yes the same time zone is better than another continent. Thank goodness for phones and e-mail, too, and the internet, so distance isn't as distant as it once was. LysJK