Sunday, October 17, 2010

God in Infinity

Our worship leader showed this video a couple weeks ago as part of our "Beginnings, Betrayals, Blessings" series in our year of reading through the Bible in a year ("The Story We Find Ourselves In"). The video reminded me a of an experience I had while living at my brother's house for a summer during college.

I've told a few people about this experience and always felt like I can't do it justice. I can't convey the impact it had on me when I try to explain it. The video shows what I felt better than I can say it. But anyway, what happened is I was sitting on my brother's wood deck. It was a beautiful day and I was admiring the blue sky with a few pretty clouds, and the clear, fresh air. I looked down and saw an ant walking on the inside edge of one of the pieces of lumber of the deck. I was suddenly struck by the tininess of that ant, the huge distance to the sky, and all the points beyond and between, and how God was present in it all.

I kind of felt a feeling of zooming up and spreading out to the sky, then telescoping down and in to the edge of that piece of wood. I thought, too, of the immense distance beyond the sky I saw, the universe and on, plus the distance beyond the tininess of the ant, into the microscopic and invisible spaces and organisms of that infinitely small world, and even the colors and rays we can't see, the sound waves we don't hear, all of that "infiniti-ness" -- and God being there.

I am so grateful for God's greatness, his hugeness, his presence everywhere from beginning to end, and yet he cares for me.

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  1. Beautiful, Mave. I've never heard that story from you. LysJK