Sunday, September 12, 2010

power of prayer

I've been thinking about the power of prayer lately. Once I read about a group who supported a man going through surgery by having him wear a pager and each time someone prayed for him, they'd page his pager so he'd get a notice of each prayer. I can see where that would be a powerful help. Even when you don't physically get notified that others are praying for you, it does make a big difference knowing.

And the act of praying is a powerful help to me. Saying or writing what's in my heart, and imagining that God who loves me in a most incredible way is listening is awesome.

Yet I wonder about it, too. When I pray for someone, does it really matter? If they don't know I'm praying for them, it can't make a difference to them in the way it does when you know. I guess it still is a help to me. I am comforted knowing that God has heard my prayers for that person and, I hope, will guide what happens to that person.

But I have to believe there's more than that. That prayer has a power regardless of my feelings or the person's knowing. I want to believe that. Most of the time I do believe that.


  1. I was going to write some rather profound thoughts on the topic of prayer, but it's kind of late at night for profundity, so I'll just say, I agree that prayer has power regardless of the feelings of the person praying or of the prayed-for person knowing he or she is prayed-for. I was thinking prayer is kind of like food or medicine that positive feelings about it can aid the digestion or healing, but food can still be nutritious and medicine can still heal even if no feelings or negative feelings are involved.

  2. Having been on othe receiving end of prayers that I didn't know about, I felt prayed for and never knew why. A couple of years later I found out that I had prayer warriors. Besides, it is not about whether that person knows, it's asking dad to change a person, their health, acceptance, strength, grace,or whatever.