Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sudden tragedies

Lately I have heard several stories of sudden tragic events touching my friends. Several have happened at work. A young woman's fiance was killed in a car accident, and she's pregnant, now going to have their child all alone. Another co-worker's father looked a little off one day, she encouraged him to go to the doctor, and two weeks later he was dead of a cancer that had spread so far there was basically nothing they could do.

Another friend at work has two sons who play LaCrosse. The older one's coach was a young man in his 20's who my friend had told me about, how he was doing a good job and was enthusiastic about the sport. The day before yesterday her son came home and said he'd heard his coach had been in a strange accident. It turned out he was home alone lifting weights in his garage and his father came home and found him with the weights across his throat, not breathing. They got him breathing again with CPR and my friend and her son visited him in the hospital but that night he died.

Yet another friend's daughter is going through a very hard time. A year or so ago she was pregnant with her second child and they discovered the baby's kidneys were not developing. They knew that if the baby lived to term, he would only live a few hours at most. Most people would get an abortion with this news but my friend's daughter did not feel she could do that. She trusted in God and the baby was born and did live only a few hours. She and her husband got through it because of their strong faith and all the support, love and prayers from their families and friends. The doctors said that they know 4 possible reasons this kidney problem could occur and only one is hereditary. Their first child, a girl, was perfectly normal. They got pregnant again and recently had an ultrasound. It looks like one kidney is not developing. So now they are praying the other kidney does develop and this child will be all right.

I can only imagine how the people affected by all these events are feeling. I have all of them on my prayer list. Life is so fragile.

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